Engine Services

Engine Repair Work And Services

Your vehicle has over a thousand moving parts that work together to keep your car running smoothly. Daily wear and tear on these components can cause them to become damaged and to deteriorate over time, resulting in reduced engine performance and decreased fuel efficiency. Regular servicing is essential in order to keep your car running efficiently and safely over the long haul. My Mechanic uses the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to pinpoint any underlying issues that may prevent your car from running at its best. My Mechanic will perform an inspection of every major component of your vehicle’s operating system, including:

  • Computer diagnostic check
  • Inspection of ignition system
  • Inspection and pressure test of fuel delivery system
  • Inspection and test of air delivery system and sensors
  • Visual inspection of engine and engine components

How Do I know When I Need Engine Service?

There are many signs that will alert you that your vehicle needs engine service. The most obvious sign is that your “check engine” light has come on. Some less obvious signs are that your vehicle is running rough, you are experiencing decreased gas mileage, or there are unfamiliar sounds or smells coming from under the hood. You can also check your owner’s manual for the recommended engine maintenance service intervals for your vehicle.