Electrical System

Electrical System Problems?

Vehicles today are equipped with a complex web of electrical wires and sensors which operate an array of different components that keep your car running as it should. When an electrical problem occurs, you need to take your vehicle to an automotive service center that has the the right tools to properly diagnose and repair the problem. Your car’s electrical system is made up of a wide range of components, including:

  • AC/heating system
  • Alternator
  • Battery
  • Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • Headlights, brake lights and fog lights
  • Ignition switch
  • Instruments and gauges
  • Power Control Module (PCM)
  • Power windows and door locks
  • Starter
  • Windshield wipers
  • Wiring, fuses and relays

At My Mechanic, we stock a full line of manufacturer-certified tools that can accurately diagnose and repair problems with any of these components. In fact, the quality of the tools, scanners and other diagnostic equipment used by our certified electrical technicians is equal to or better than those used in your local dealership’s service department.

Why is it important to get my vehicle’s electric system serviced?

There are dozens of electrical components needed to route power in your vehicle’s electrical system and these can vary greatly according to vehicle make, model and age. Your electrical system includes your vehicle’s battery, alternator and starter. Many new vehicles also feature sophisticated computer systems that affect functions like steering, braking, sensors, and more. All of these electrical components make it difficult to diagnose the cause of vehicle electrical problems, but most begin and end with your battery.