Cooling System

Cooling System And Radiator Maintenance

The engine in your vehicle contains a lot of moving parts, all of which create friction. This friction produces unwanted heat that can actually damage your engine over time. In order to maintain an optimal operating temperature in your engine, your radiator and cooling system must be properly maintained on a routine basis. It is essential that you flush the coolant in your radiator and replace it at recommended intervals to prevent over-heating in hot weather like ours, as well as to provide protection from rust and corrosion. My Mechanic provides a precision radiator flush and cooling system service that will help prevent these and other issues. Our professional radiator and cooling system servicing includes:

  • Visual inspection and repair of all cooling system components
  • Pressure testing for potential leaks
  • Chemical flush of the cooling system
  • Replacement of coolant that is recommended for your vehicle
  • Environmentally safe recovery and disposal of used coolant

How Often Do I Need Cooling System Service?

Typically, you’ll want to get your cooling system flushed every 30,000 miles or every 3 years. Your vehicle owner’s manual will provide the recommended service interval for your year, make and model of  car, truck or SUV. Of course, if you experience problems with your vehicle overheating or freezing up in extreme temperatures, you’ll need to have your cooling system diagnosed and serviced before the recommended interval.